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Lindsey Zahn’s Portfolio

Lindsey Zahn’s Portfolio

My Fashion Portfolio

Faith Vero’s Portfolio

What I learned as a Fashion Merchandising Student

Marcus Calliste’s Portfolio

Temp description

Lindsay Dictor’s Portfolio

Lindsay Dictor’s Portfolio

My Demo Fashion Portfolio

Alison Hayes’ Portfolio

My fashion journalism portfolio

Elizabeth Larli’s Portfolio (GEOG 266-01)

Elizabeth Larli’s Portfolio (GEOG 266-01)

The summation of work done during the Spring 2022 Semester in Geography of Latin America (GEOG 266-01), this multimodal portfolio details an exploration of Honduras and its geography. Included within: – […]

James Reardon’s Portfolio

James Reardon GIS Portfolio

Noah Kennedy’s Portfolio

A representation of what Noah has done at SUNY Oneonta.

Mateo Chumpitaz’s Portfolio

This is everything I learned

Nicholas Serrao’s Portfolio

My name is Nicholas Serrao, I’m an undergraduate student at SUNY Oneonta. I’m an adolescent education major with a focus on history.

Ryan Mayr’s Portfolio

A showcase of Ryan Mayr’s works done at SUNY Oneonta.

Malachy Underwood’s Portfolio

My portfolio contains the work I have done in my career so far.