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Nicholas Serrao’s Portfolio

My name is Nicholas Serrao, I’m an undergraduate student at SUNY Oneonta. I’m an adolescent education major with a focus on history.

Ryan Mayr’s Portfolio

A showcase of Ryan Mayr’s works done at SUNY Oneonta.

Malachy Underwood’s Portfolio

My portfolio contains the work I have done in my career so far.

Lauren Sullivan’s Portfolio

Lauren Sullivan’s Fashion Portfolio

Campbell Wellman’s Portfolio

Campbell Wellman’s Portfolio

A representation of Campbell Wellman’s work at SUNY Oneonta.

Mark Daley’s Portfolio

A showcase of Mark Daley’s work at SUNY Oneonta.

Jason Scalia’s Portfolio

A representation of Jason’s work at SUNY Oneonta.

Lindsay Acosta’s Portfolio

This portfolio is a reflection of the work I have done at SUNY Oneonta.

Anderson Klosner’s Portfolio

Hi, I am Anderson Klosner. This is my portfolio; a representation of some of the work I have done at SUNY Oneonta.

Matthew Terlikosky’s Portfolio

Matthew Terlikosky’s Portfolio

Senior in Environmental Sustainability

Alexis’s Portfolio

This is a representation of what I have done during my time at SUNY Oneonta

Jason Scalia’s Portfolio

Jason Scalia’s Portfolio

My names Jason Scalia, I am a senior at expected to graduate in spring 2022 with a degree in Environmental Sustainability.