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Research Assignment #1
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#2 Portugal took over Angola city by city, starting with what’s now known as Luanda, and continuing over four centuries, but never really getting full control of the territory. As white settlers moved into Angola so did their racist ideas that were openly expressed and became the norm of society. They often pushed anyone who wasn’t white out of positions of authority and used “black laborer’s” as slaves. While Angolans were doing the work, Portugal was collecting the fruits of their labor by insuring with taxes and tariffs that they were making most of the money. Although Angola was the crown jewel of Portuguese colonies, they doomed the economy by investing in the wrong things, like the Benguela Railway, instead of coffee plantations and fishing which were the productive spheres of the economy. Most of the population was left broke and with no say in the government. Overall, this led to the begininngs of a war that was centuries overdue.
#3 Smith, Alan K, and Gervase Clarence Smith. A – Angola and Mozambique, 1870–1905 – Cambridge Core. Edited by G.N. Sanderson and Roland Oliver, Cambridge University Press, 28 Mar. 2008,
#4 Geographically focused in Angola

#5 Angola- Geographic location
Portugal- Angola was their colony
Union Peoples of Angola (UPA)- Started the beginning of the Portuguese-Angolan War
Colonial Social Structure- One of the problems in Angola
Luanda- The first city in Angola

#6 How did the Portuguese-Angolan War affect the people of Angola?
How did the Angolans adjust post war?

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